Welcome to the City of Pottsville

The City of Pottsville is a growing community that has doubled in size since the last census taken in 2000. This growth has a lot to do with land being developed and the School which is the best in the state. Pottsville has many projects set to improve the city. Bathrooms at Rankin Park. The development of the Ball Park and City Park. The Potts Inn is a Historical Landmark that provides a look back in history of the early days of Pottsville. The City is filled with historical landmarks, Potts Inn, Old Citizen Bank and the Dipping Vat located in Rankin Park. This is the best little town in Arkansas to live. Come for a visit and you might just stay.

The city dog kennel is avaiable for dogs to be adopted. Contact City Hall for More information. Hours are 8am to 4pm. For Stray dogs contact 479 968 3029.