Classifications Administration and Personnel Ordinances

2022-5 ( An ordinance adopting revised city wards boundaries in the city of Pottsville, Arkansas)

2020-1 ( An ordinance establishing the days and times of Pottsville city council meetings, revoking ordinance numbers 2012-5, 92-2, 92-2A; and for other purposes)

2022-7 ( An ordinance establishing a base salary for a newly elected mayor; setting the salary for the position of mayor of the city of Pottsville, Arkansas; revoking ordinance No. 2019-7; declaring an emergency; and for other purposes.)

2020-2 ( An ordinance setting out the duties of the City Clerk/Treasurer, revoking ordinance no. 98-1 and for other purposes)

2022-6 (An ordinance setting the City Clerk/Treasurer's annual salary at $18,000.00 per year, revoking ordinance No. 2021-6 and for other purposes)

92-3 ( An ordinance establishing compensation of City Attorney) 

97-13 ( An ordinance to authorize Pottsville Police Department to collect fees for taking and entering bail or delivery bonds and for other purposes)

2022-2 ( An ordinance providing rules and regulations for the operation for the Pottsville City and Rural Fire department and for other purposes. This ordinance repeals Pottsville City ord No. 2005-10 and hereby reestablished rules and regulations governing the Fire Department)

96-3 ( An ordinance to establish a City Police Department, its organization and the General superintendents of the Mayor definition of duties and powers of which it is assigned)

2009-3 ( An ordinance of the city of Pottsville, Arkansas authorizing the levy of additional fines of $20.00 as authorized by A.C.A. 16-17-129 and act 209 of 2009 ot help defray expenses of incarceration of prisoners from the Pottsville District court in the Pope County detention Center to repeal ordinance No 2009-2 to declare and emergency and for other purposes)

2015-1 ( An ordinance designating representatives of the City of Pottsville, Arkansas as the officials responsible for the collection of fines assessed in district court of the City of Pottsville Arkansas)

2018-5 ( An ordinance authorizing the city of Pottsville to change employees' retirement account provider)

2019-6 ( An ordinance authorizing the city of Pottsville, Arkansas to contract with specified employees and elected officials for business purposes)

2022-8 ( An ordinance setting out the duties of City Council members and the salary paid to city council members; declaring an emergency and for other purposes)

2024-( An ordinance addressing the accumulation of vacation and sick leave for the office of the mayor)